Cliff Notes: The Lost Art of Bible Study In the Church (Part 2)

Thank-you for writing this much-needed post.
I agree with your thoughts and I really appreciate your insights.
Particularly within Western Christianity, it is very simple to adopt a supplemental-focused mindset in place of spending quality time in the Bible. Because it is God’s Breathed Word, it is final and authoritative which makes it absolutely rock solid for Christians to rely upon. As Christians, God calls us all to be discerning, which can only be accomplished through being Biblically-literate, through intentionally investing time in the Scriptures.
God Bless!

Samaritan's Song

“Some is better than none at all.”

I’m pretty sure my dad feels this way about pizza.  After having a quintuple bypass five years ago, he dutifully made the change to a heart-healthy diet – and that meant sacrificing the anything-goes pizza he used to have for a few meager slices of the healthiest kind available.  A sacrifice?  Sure.  But he doesn’t mind – he’s just glad he still gets to have pizza at all, even if it’s not quite the same.

I imagine that some Christians take the same attitude with Bible study.  Strapped for time and desperate to feel close to God, they swap out time with the Word for a ten-minute devotional, a chapter of a Philip Yancey book, or the latest study guide written for their small group.  Some time with God is better than none at all, they reason, and anyway, there are Bible verses

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