What to Expect Ahead

In the months ahead, I have decided that in addition to my regular length posts, I will sometimes write shorter and also more concise blog-posts. These posts will capture any noteworthy insights, observations and reflections I encounter within the framework of a Biblical Worldview. I want to give the readers a glimpse into what a working Biblical Worldview looks like on life as a whole. This will likely be influenced from insights gleaned from prominent Christian apologists and authors, personal devotions, and thoughts/ideas exchanged with fellow believers.

I desire to create content more regularly for my readers but my busy schedule often makes it difficult in order for me to do so. Therefore, it is hope that through providing these shorter, but also equally meaningful content will help facilitate this desire to create an increased number of posts.

I appreciate any and all feedback as well as I embark on this new pursuit. Everyone’s comments are always more than welcome!

May God Bless everyone!